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Pay Per Click is a Paid Search Advertising model of digital marketing in which your pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked. As a leading PPC agency in Nottingham, we’ve had the pleasure of working across a diverse selection of markets and business sizes within the Nottinghamshire area. We create a variety of pay per click campaigns for our clients with one simple goal in mind – Leads.

Whether it’s your first time doing PPC in Nottingham or you have an existing campaign, we’ll help maximise your revenue through efficient PPC management services. Our PPC experts work to identify your target your audience and what makes them click and convert. Using a data-driven approach we develop your PPC campaign to drive web traffic, qualified leads and turn site visitors into customers. We achieve this through clear-cut targeting and conversion optimisation. With your input and our industry expertise, we will be able to outline your achievable goals and we will execute your optimised campaign to meet and often exceed our targets.

Here are a few of our Nottingham PPC services:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Account Setup
  • Landing Page Development
  • Tracking & Testing
  • Campaign Assessment

Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC advertising is one of the strongest strategy to develop your business online. Our Nottingham PPC approach is established on accurate data, we rely on up-to-date marketing insight and optimisation techniques. Using performance data we can target your audience’s intentions and triggers that lead to conversions. Our Nottingham PPC agency plans, track and optimises your entire PPC campaigns to maximise your ROI. Our team runs the campaign after analysing, testing and re-testing all elements to maximise effectiveness for your business.

A PPC successful campaign has to have relevance of keywords and content; Our tracking ensures that your ad content and keywords are preforming efficiently. We deliver you with monthly PPC performance reports keeping you informed on your performance and we can make adjustments based on our recorded data. There’s nothing more satisfying to our team than seeing our clients businesses grow.

Whether  you need PPC services via Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Bing we engage the customer from the first click to the final conversion. Our PPC team is skilled at managing these PPC channels to give you the most cost-effective ads that bring you desired results!

PPC Management

PPC Management is the process of advertising your business through search engines; Paid Search has become one of the quickest ways to generate targeted consumers to your website. Our Nottingham PPC Management services help you acquire new customers fast. When people search for a product or service like yours on Google, we make sure your business appears at the very top.

Paid Search Advertising has many names such as PPC, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords. Regardless of names paid search ads if handled appropriately can be an effective form of advertising, as it can help you increase sales while generating leads and  in a very short time period. Google AdWords is the same process of PPC advertising that focuses on expanding your business exposure using paid ads, but using world’s most popular search engine! Investing in your business PPC and increasing exposure is an essential way to improve your online presence and attract new customers. Our Nottingham Google AdWords agency will drive highly targeted leads to your website that are likely to convert.

To have a truly effective PPC ad campaign, it all depends on your keywords to target potential customers. Our skilled Google AdWords professionals work with you to determine the targeted keywords in order to bring relevant consumers to your website at a comprehensive price to work with your budget. Every one of our Nottingham PPC ad campaigns are regularly reported and shared with clients as part of our campaign management services. We are experts in Nottingham PPC management, for businesses of every size and we know what it takes to achieve your advertising goals!

Our Approach to PPC and lead generation

Our dedicated PPC Nottingham team at Finsbury Media understand the importance of digital in your business strategy. We have the ability to create tailored digital Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that focus on your key performance indicator – Leads.

Keyword Generation

Using a combination of pre-established industry expertise and research, we fully immerse ourselves in your business and branding so that we understand exactly what your customers are searching for and target those keywords.

Creative Innovation

Using an array of different ad extensions and callouts, we utilise the knowledge of your customers so that we target them at a precise moment in their customer journey. We make your listing look as attractive as possible to entice more leads.

Campaign Optimisation

Through test and learning as well as quality control, we see what aspects of your creative are generating leads and optimise accordingly so that you can get the best return on investment.


We’ve worked with a whole host of companies based in the Nottinghamshire area and further afield. Take a look at what they’ve had to say about their experience working with Finsbury Media.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Alex Mockford

Superb level of service. Harry and his team with their unique software have brought an increase in sales in which we never thought possible from an internet program. Personal service, solid pricing, healthy relationships with all the team – everything you’d want from a marketing partner. This always was a do-we/don’t-we situation at the start but can honestly recommend their services 100%, payback is immediate with R.O.I soaring past initial targets. A NO BRAINER FOR ANYONE LOOKING TO BOOST THEIR SALES.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Rob Stone

Some of these reviews are clearly not real, probably competition. In fairness they did cold call me and provided evidence that they could do what they said. They halved me lead gen cost on adwords within a few days and without doubt using them was a good choice. Ignore the poor reviews, these guys know what they are doing and I highly recommend them.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Marry Barry

Great company, we have dealt with lots of Digital Agencies over the last 10 years but none have given us a higher return on investment from our digital campaigns. We saw a 30% increase in the number of leads we generate off the web in less 4 then months.


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